Birds (pigeons etc)

Birds are an essential part of our environment – they bring colour, joy and vibrancy to our lives. From the humble pigeon to the majestic eagle, birds come in all shapes and sizes. They fascinate us with their intelligence, beauty and grace.

Pigeons have been popular companions for centuries, with some breeds having a longevity of up to 25 years. These remarkable creatures can recognize human faces and respond accordingly, even forming deep bonds with people who take care of them. The diversity of colours among pigeons is also extraordinary; from shimmering whites to iridescent blues and greens, these birds delight us with their array of hues.

Eagles, on the other hand, are powerful symbols of strength and courage. These raptors possess amazing eyesight as well as incredible flying skills which allow them to soar over vast distances in search of food or mates. Eagles have been revered by cultures around the world for generations due to their impressive size and hunting prowess – a trait which has made them celebrated symbols of victory in many countries.

Birds play vital roles in nature too, eating insects that may otherwise damage crops or spread disease and helping disperse seeds throughout forests which promotes plant growth. Sadly however, many species are facing extinction due to habitat loss caused by deforestation or climate change – making it essential that we protect these beautiful animals before it's too late!

Overall, birds offer us a sense of wonderment that can't be replicated by any other creature on earth. From providing entertainment through flight displays to playing critical roles within ecosystems; birds truly embody a spirit unlike any other!

Pest Control in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common pest bird species in Australia include Indian Myna, Starling, Sparrow and Pigeon.
Property owners can use physical barriers such as netting or spikes to deter pest birds from roosting on their property. Using repellents such as sound deterrents or chemically-treated bait can also be effective at reducing the population of pest birds in an area.
Yes - some states have laws restricting the types of methods that can be used for controlling pest birds and the circumstances under which they may be used. It is important to check with your local council to ensure you are following all relevant regulations when attempting to control pests on your property.